Salesforce Design Leader
I have spent the last six years specializing in designing for the Salesforce ecosystem. I possess profound knowledge in building and deploying human-centered experiences on the Salesforce Platform. I have worked closely with the Salesforce Design group to advocate for UX on the platform. I am proud to be recognized as the face of Salesforce UX Design and honored to be the first Salesforce Designer inducted as a Salesforce MVP.
Dreamin' In Color
I am honored to serve my community as an event team member, design advisor, and speaker at the Dreamin' In Color conference. I created the brand, logo, social media Canva templates, t-shirt art, and signage.
College Adjunct Professor - ASU
I had the opportunity to be an adjunct professor at Arizona State University for a few years. I taught the following courses: GIT 210 - Creative Thinking & Design Visualization GIT 340 - Information Design and Usability GIT 414 - Web Site Design and Internet/Web Technologies IFT 301 - Web Programming for Human-Computer Interaction
While at Vantiv, I led a development team as the sole Sr UX Designer. I have been responsible for UI/UX design and front-end development for Vantiv's customer-facing websites and web applications. Leading a team of developers using Agile practices, I have played a key role in creating visual and nonverbal elements to support UI/UX designs. This includes developing mockups, wireframes, and high-fidelity HTML prototypes.
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