Salesforce Design MVP
A collection of product design work in the Salesforce space.
Product Design, Web Development, UI/UX
Adjunct Professor - ASU
I created samples of the content and coursework for the IFT 301 online course taught at Arizona State University.
Web Development, Web Design, Engineering
Phenced Mobile App
UI/UX redesign of an iPhone/Android app. Logo and brand design included.
Graphic Design, UI/UX, Web Design
Data Insight Web App
A big data web app and analytics dashboard.
UI/UX, Web Design, Web Development
Vantiv DevHub Portal Website
A project to design the user experience and user interface for a developer web portal. I was also fortunate enough to lead the development team in implementing the site on the Drupal CMS. A link to the demo can be found here: and
UI/UX, Web Design, Web Development
Hayashi Website
Responsive website design and development for a international designer hair product business based in Colorado. Product shots provided by Rachel Horwitz.
UI/UX, Web Design, Web Development
Umbrella Plumbing Website
Website redesign and company re-branding project I completed for a local business:
UI/UX, Web Design, Web Development
Ice Cream Pi Website
A web design and development project for a local development shop based in Denver, Colorado. I also created the logo and 3D elements for the website.
UI/UX, Web Design, Web Development
Vantiv FIMS - Micro-site Template
This project I was tasked to design and develop a system to quickly stand up partner (Vantiv partners) websites. The content had to be nearly the same, so it really came down to creating a customized template that has a solid branching strategy. I ended up using AngularJS and Foundation to accomplish this.
UI/UX, Web Design, Web Development
Metis Environmental Website
A web design and development project for a local (Denver CO) environmental testing company.
Web Design, Web Development
Motion Graphics Demo Reel
A montage of my motion graphic work and animations.
Motion Graphics, Animation, Computer Animation
3D Product Renders
Electronic product renders created in Cinema4D over the course of time I worked at EchoStar/Dish
Industrial Design, Product Design
JobAdder UI and Graphic Design
UI/Web Design and Graphic Design projects while working for JobAdder Nov 2014- Jan 2015
Graphic Design, UI/UX
DevHub Vantiv Internal Wireframes
Wire frames of an internal web application for Vantiv.
Interaction Design, UI/UX
EchoStar 2014 IBC Award Submission
IBC 2014 Video Award submission on behalf of EchoStar. The product highlighted is the DVR+
Motion Graphics, Animation
About EchoStar 2014 Video
Motion graphic/video for the EchoStar corporation.
Motion Graphics, Animation
Grandma Mary's Sweets
A branding and WordPress template project I did for some very nice people in 2012
Branding, Illustration, Web Design
EchoStar CES 2011
3D renders and branding for EchoSTar's 2011 Consumer Electronic Show (CES).
Branding, Graphic Design
ESS Selling Point Video
Selling point trade show video for EchoStar Satellite Services.Complete May 12th 2014.
Motion Graphics, Animation, Computer Animation
2020 Sketches and Drawings
Illustration, Digital Art, Character Design
Sketches and Drawings 2002-2014
A collection of drawings I found that span a little over a decade. I hope to soon return to my drawing roots this year.
Illustration, Drawing
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